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School Hours

Take In Time: 7:45 AM

Dismissal Time: 3:00 PM


Main Telephone Line: 251-221-1585

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Kim Rice
The O'Rourke community has the best parents, students, teachers, and businesses in Mobile. I am proud to be a part of such a wonderful family.
O'Rourke Elementary School's teachers are always excited about learning. They participate in on-going professional development in order to provide all students with opportunities to reach their potential.

Teachers have been trained in the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, and the Alabama Reading Initiative. In addition, all teachers have participated in Reading Renaissance training. In fact, O'Rourke Elementary School has met the criteria to receive recognition as a Reading Renaissance Master School.

At O'Rourke Elementary School we are proud of our community of parents, students, teachers, faculty, and partners. Together, we strive to provide a positive atmosphere conducive to learning not only academic skills, but also life-long skills that will make us better citizens capable of living and working together.


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Schoology Information

Schoology Access


If I am a parent,

how do I access


 ~ Join the student and parent group to become familiar with Schoology.
     ~ Click Groups, My Groups, Enter code: 33BB-5VB5-GVZF3
     ~ O'Rourke teachers will give you a schedule to follow.
     ~ Our students will start in Homeroom and navigate through their other courses.

     Parents should:
     ~ Login to, click Our Students, log into Clever. 

         This will take you to Schoology.
     ~ Or you can access directly,
     ~ Login with district username and password
     ~ Click courses to see all courses 

Report Card Access

Directions for accessing report cards are in the PDF below.  If you have any questions please contact your child's teacher.

MCPSS Math Program Guide

The guide includes:

Guiding principles of the MCPSS mathematics program.

Course sequencing in the MCPSS K-12 mathematics program.

Additional information about the mathematics program.

Curriculum specifications for each grade level and subject taught in the mathematics program in the Mobile County School System. 


Uniform Information

Top: Girls

~ Red polos with collars

~ School t-shirts (school logo only)

~ When layering, all undershirts must be solid navy blue, red, or white.

    Bottom: Girls

     ~ Skorts, skirts, capris, and jumpers (navy or plaid #49 @ Zoghby's)

       **Jumpers must be worn over a red polo with a collar

    ~ Uniform style pants or walking shorts (navy or plaid)

      Top: Boys

      ~ Red polos with collars

      ~ School t-shirts (school logo only)

      ~ When layering, all undershirts must be solid navy blue, red, or white.


        Bottom: Boys

        ~ Uniform style pants or walking shorts (navy or plaid)


          Belt: navy, brown , or black belts

          Socks: Girls

          ~ Solid-Color socks (black, grey, white, red, or navy are preferred)

          ~ Tights or leggings (black, grey, white, red, or navy are preferred) worn under skirts, shorts, or dresses - never alone


          Socks: Boys

          ~ Solid-Color socks (black, grey, white, red, or navy are preferred)



          ~ Low-cut athletic shoes with laces only (sneakers/tennis shoes)

          ~ Athletic Shoes with Velcro are preferred for younger students

            Outerwear: Male/Female

            ~ Outerwear must be appropriate for school (face masks cannot be attached to garment or worn to school.) 

            ~ Garments cannot have characters or other inappropriate graphics printed on the front or back.  Administrators will contact parents if the graphics are not acceptable to be worn to school.

            Additional Notes

            ~ Pre-K and Kindergarten students will follow the Uniform Policy.  However, Velcro shoes and pants with elastic waistbands are recommended.

            ~ Jewelry worn to school must not cause a distraction to the learning environment or be a safety hazard to children.  Due to safety concerns during PE, earrings must be post style (no hoops, loops, dangles, or over-sized studs.)

            ~Tongue rings, nose rings, or other facial jewelry will NOT be permitted.

            ~ No distracting haircuts, hair dye, hair accessories (including headbands with unicorn horns, cat ears, and other adornments), nail art (fake nails) or body art.

            ~ NO LEGGINGS WORN ALONE, cargo pants, sweat pants, stretch/spandex, or blue jean type material pants.

            ~ Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be no more than 3 inches above the knee (shorts must be worn under skirts and jumpers.)

            ~ Make-up cannot be worn to school.

            ~ Hair must be a natural hair color.

            ~ Hoods will only be worn outdoors.

            ~ No characters, lights, boots, ballerina, baby-doll slippers, Croc's, Mary Janes, Toms, Bobs, Sperry's or high top tennis shoes (please.)

            ~ Clothing cannot be cut or torn.