Attendance Policy

A written note from the parent/guardian will excuse absences for up to but not exceeding 8 absences.

The parent/guardian of a student who is absent 8 or more times must present a doctor's excuse to the school in order for the absences to be excused.

The parent/guardian of any student who has a chronic ailment that may cause the child to miss school during the year is required to provide the school with a doctor's statement verifying the child's condition. A new chronic ailment statement is required each year.

After the first unexcused absence, a notice of absence letter will be sent to the parent/guardian.

Following the second unexcused absence, the Attendance Officer/Social Worker will send a notice of absence letter to the parent/guardian.

Following the third unexcused absence, the Mobile County District Attorney's Office will send a notice of absence letter to the parent/guardian.

On the fifth unexcused absence, a student is referred to the Early Warning Truancy/Discipline Program.

For more information on the MCPSS Attendance Policy, please see the Student Code of Conduct.


It is our policy to address all concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible. An administrator will meet with you immediately, if one of us is available. However, quite often we are out of the office, in another part of the building, in another conference, in a classroom assisting a teacher, or perhaps out of the building. We will contact you once we receive your message to schedule a conference.

 We always ask our parents to speak with the teacher first to discuss your concerns. We need your help to provide the best school possible for our students. Communication is always the key in preventing misunderstandings from occurring. We appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Discipline Policy

School Rules

Jaguar Cubs Will:

Follow directions and established procedures

Respect authority figures and the rights of others

Come to school prepared to learn

Respect the property of others

Keep hands and other belongs to themselves

Discipline Plan

Step 1     Behavior Redirected

Step 2     Time Out/Parent Contact

Step 3     Counselor and/or Parent Conference 

                Discipline Form Entry

Step 4      Detention

                Discipline Form

Step 5      Administrative Referral

                Parent Contact

Student Residency

The following are the only acceptable proofs of residence:

  • Property tax records or deeds
  • Apartment or home lease
  • Utility bills or utility deposit receipts
  • Income tax records
  • Authentication of Residence
  • Other Official Proof (Check from Social Security Office, DHR, Food Stamp Office)
  • Bank Records
  • Tax Records or Receipts
  • Employment Records
  • Two Charge Accounts
  • Two different utility bills